Direct Mail, Google AdWords and Remarketing

Direct Mail, Google AdWords and Remarketing

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Google AdWords Remarketing

Even in the digital era, direct mail is still proving to be an effective way of engaging consumers and generating conversions, with figures from the Direct Marketing Association showing that 79% of consumers react immediately after receiving it. But how can businesses ensure prospects convert into paying customers? Well that’s where Google AdWords remarketing comes in.

Google AdWords remarketing enables businesses to show adverts to people that have previously visited their website or mobile app. If people have left their website or app without fulfilling the call to action, remarketing enables the brand to re-engage them by showing relevant ads and encourage them to revisit the website to complete the transaction.

Whether a business is looking to improve sales, increase registrations or simply promote awareness of their brand, integrating Google AdWords remarketing with a direct mail campaign can boost results and drive return on investment.

The process of integrating Google AdWords with Direct Mail

In order to use Google AdWords remarketing, businesses will need to set up an account so they can gain access to their unique remarketing code. This code can then be added to their website’s landing pages.

The landing page’s PURL (personalised URL) will then be sent to prospects via direct mail correspondence so that they visit the campaign page rather than the homepage, from where their actions will be tracked. If for one reason or another they don’t complete the call to action first time round, Google will display follow-up advertisements in the form of text and images on other websites and apps they visit, in order to entice them back to the website.

One of the key benefits of using PPC via Google AdWords is that businesses have full control over where their adverts are displayed and only have to pay for them when a user actually clicks on them.

How to create an effective landing page

The only way businesses will stand a high chance of converting prospects into customers either the first time round from the direct mail initiative or the second time round with Google remarketing is with an effecting landing page.

The PURL used on the direct mail shot should take prospects to a personalised page featuring clear and consistent messaging, as well as incentives for them to take action. The page must also be responsive so smartphone and tablet users can easily view it too.

The better the landing page is, the more likely people are to leave as paying customers.


Whilst direct mail is still one of the best ways to engage consumers and drive conversions, it can achieve even better results when integrated with Google AdWords remarketing. Rather than viewing online and offline marketing as two separate entities, fuse the two together and achieve unrivalled results for your brand.

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