Christmas Mailing, a super busy time of year

Christmas Mailing, a super busy time of year

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There’s no doubt about it, Christmas is the busiest time of year for all those working in the mailing industry. Not only are mailing service providers like Royal Mail having to deal with large volumes of Christmas cards and gifts sent by consumers but also increased amounts of direct mail sent out by brands looking to increase their sales over the festive period.

Although figures show that brands are spending less and less on direct mail each year, according to Royal Mail, it still has the highest spend of all marketing methods brands use over the Christmas period. There are many benefits of using direct mail to encourage an emotional response from customers but when they are receiving so much at Christmas, how do you make your campaign stand our from the rest?

Differentiating your direct mail campaign at Christmas

When it comes to creating the perfect direct mail campaign for Christmas, you need to think carefully about the design of your mailshots and how you can make them engaging for customers. From sending out direct mail with edible treats like fruit cake and chocolate to gifting calendars featuring promotional info as a reminder for customers to contact you in the New Year, there are plenty of ways you can make your direct mail campaigns stand out over the Christmas period.

With 13% of all retail transactions expected to take place online this year and 41% of people using their smartphones to make Christmas periods, savvy marketers should be looking to integrate their direct mail campaigns with technology in order to capitalise on this. Including a USB drive loaded with promotional information or QR codes that take customers straight to your mobile site is a great way to fuse the offline and online worlds and create a better shopping experience for your customers.

The easier you make it for them to buy your products through your direct mail, the more likely they are to do so!

Mayhem for mailing companies

Of course with brands choosing to send out increased amounts of direct mail over the festive period, there is more pressure on mailing companies to deliver the goods. With this in mind, Royal Mail has taken the approach of recruiting over 19,000 Christmas temps to work alongside its 124,000 permanent staff and independent delivery company Yodel has hired 5,000 extra staff too.

Royal Mail have also seen an opportunity to increase their competitiveness over the Christmas period by offering to send small business parcels at a discounted rate (£1 cheaper than usual) and organising Sunday pick-ups and deliveries in certain parts of the country.

How are you stepping up your direct mail campaigns this Christmas?

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