Back to School with Direct Mail and Direct Marketing

Direct Mail & Direct Marketing

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Back to School with Direct Mail and Direct Marketing

In the latest infographic from us here at Baker Goodchild we go back to school with some general principles to apply in direct mail and direct marketing campaigns.

Direct Marketing Enables Communication with Target Groups

One of the beauties of direct mail and marketing is that it enables the specific targeting and communication of marketing messages to target groups. This helps in achieving the following business objectives:
• Growing the level of sales from existing customers
• The generation of new enquiries, sales and leads
• An increased amount of customer loyalty
• The re-awakening of relationships with dormant customers

Types of Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is available in a variety of flavours; these include (but are not limited to):
Direct Mail
• Email marketing
• Leaflet marketing
• Telemarketing and
• Text/SMS marketing

Guidelines for Successful Direct Marketing

There are some general guidelines to follow with direct marketing, these are listed below:
• Create compelling content which people will actually want to take the time to read
• Always use a catchy subject line which will entice recipients to read the mailing further
• Ensure there is a central pervading message which runs through the entire piece
• Personalise the message wherever possible, e.g. include the recipient name and/or include details of previous purchase history
• Provide useful information, in surveys 56% of respondents said that they liked receiving direct marketing when it contains information useful to them
• Evidence any claims made with verifiable market research, try to anticipate customer questions and answer as many possible within the content
• Segment the audience based on known criteria, e.g. area they live, previous purchasing habits, marital status, etc.
• Include an obvious call to action. Leave the recipient in no doubt as to the expected next step. Make responding as easy as possible by including contact details (e.g. telephone/fax number, email address, postal address, and a hyperlink click-through within Emails, etc.)

Offering Rewards to Loyal Customers

The offering of rewards to loyal customers is always a great idea, it pays to reward loyalty, and here are some reasons why:
• Customers love their loyalty being rewarded, surveys show that 70% of customers appreciate loyalty rewards in direct mail
• 84% of survey respondents have admitted to taking action when receiving a money off coupon via direct mail

Also consider the following aspects when including a special offer:
• Ensure the offer is relevant to the product or service being offered
• Think carefully about whether a % discount or a fixed price £ reduction would work best
• Surveys reveal that 62% of people in the UK like to receive direct mail which includes new offers

The Best Times for Direct Marketing

The day and time of the day for direct marketing are important. The chances of a customer viewing direct mail by day of the week are – Monday 10%, Tuesday 50%, Wednesday 10%, Thursday 15% and Friday 5%. The best time of day for direct mail receipt is between 11AM and 3PM.

Finding New Prospects

For any business to grow it’s important to find a new source of leads/prospects. One available technique is to buy or rent a marketing mailing list. These are available from companies which specialise in providing data, which is usually segmented by market and personal interests, etc.

Direct Marketing Requires an Ongoing Commitment

Direct marketing in all its forms should not be considered a “one-off” activity. Instead it should be considered as an ongoing task. Repeated campaigns will develop expertise within the business and also bran familiarity from the recipient. As experience grows the average cost per lead will drop and campaign ROI will grow.

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