Avoid These Common Direct Mail Marketing Mistakes

Avoid These Common Direct Mail Marketing Mistakes

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Direct mail is still one of the most effective means of marketing channels, but only if you know how to manage your communications in the right way. Avoid these common direct mail marketing mistakes and you should find you get excellent results.

Little or no follow-up

The best marketing campaigns are those which pull together different channels to complement each other, and to reach the consumer. Direct mail has an excellent chance of being opened – one study suggests 92% – but if you don’t follow up, you could lose the advantage you’ve gained. Leads can very quickly cool and turn to stone, so it’s important to strike while customers remember what they’ve seen, either using digital channels or a telephone call to engage them further. One particularly successful method is to make an offer in your direct mail, and improve on this in follow-up communications.

Uninspiring content

Studies have shown that consumers like receiving direct mail, but you’ll soon lose their interest if what you sent them doesn’t attract and hold their attention. Go for an immediate impact by including the most exciting information first and by including content which is interesting and relevant to them. Poor copy is one of the biggest and most common failures and one which will doom any direct mail campaign from the start.

Failing to personalise

Although studies suggest that customers respond favourably to direct mail, if it quickly becomes apparent that it’s not relevant to them, you will have lost your opportunity to make the right impression. To show the customer that your product, service or offer is right up their street, add a touch of personalisation to their mail. This can be as simple as using their name rather than a generic greeting, or more complex by making reference to known interests of theirs.

These relatively simple steps can transform the success of a direct mail campaign and guarantee you will get more attention from the customer on receipt.

Not knowing the magic words

Using certain key words in your direct mail can quite literally unlock interest in a consumer almost instantly. The use of the word “free” has a magic appeal that will pique the interest of even the most hardened individual, with the chances that they’ll at least take a look to see what’s on offer. Creating the impression that your products or service are highly sought after is another winner, so phrases such as “limited time only”, “at last” or “finally announcing” provide a sense of exclusivity.

Customers who are somewhat interested in what you’re offering but fear being assaulted by a barrage of sales calls could be swayed into making an enquiry by promises of “no unsolicited sales calls” (only if this is true) or by confirmation that it is a “no obligation” discussion or quote. Learn how to use the language for the best effect and your direct mail success could rocket overnight.

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