7 Myths of Outsourcing Print Management

7 Myths of Outsourcing Print Management

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Exploding common myths

Are you considering outsourcing print management but feeling a little put off by some of the things you’ve heard?

Unfortunately there are many myths of outsourcing print management and we think it’s about time they were busted! Read on to find out the truth about outsourcing print management so you can base your decision on facts alone:

1) “Outsourcing print management is expensive”

Many business owners make the mistake of thinking that outsourcing print management is out of their budgets. The truth is that outsourcing can work out much more cost effective as it saves the need for businesses to invest in expensive printing equipment and hire full time staff for print management.

If you’re comparing the price you have been quoted by a printing company with your in-house printing costs, make sure you’ve added them up properly. Many companies fail to include the cost of staff time and energy, which often results in in-house printing looking cheaper than it actually is.

2) “Print companies won’t be able to meet your needs”

Don’t assume that a print company won’t be able to meet your needs before you’ve even spoken to one. Here at Baker Goodchild, we tailor our print management services to our clients’ requirements, ensuring that we can always meet their needs, no matter how specific.

Our advice is to make sure you outline your exact needs in the service level agreement and remember that if a print company isn’t meet your needs, you have the right to reject their work.

3) “Your print quality will suffer”

It’s a common misconception that outsourcing print management results in poor print quality but providing you choose a reputable company like Baker Goodchild, you needn’t worry about that!

Experienced printing companies are likely to have much better printing equipment for the job, enabling you to actually benefit from higher quality printing. Not only that but with a centralised approach to print management, you will find that print consistency greatly improves.

4) “There’ll be more admin to do”

Another myth is that outsourcing print management increases admin work. But by outsourcing your print management to a single company, you’ll actually have less admin to do. Instead of dealing with invoices from a number of companies, you will receive one invoice each month, enabling you to keep admin time and costs to a minimum.

5) “Print lead times will increase”

When negotiating with a printing company, you will be able to discuss the print lead times you require and ensure they are included in the service level agreement. Even though print companies like ourselves work for a number of different clients, we are still able to meet their individual lead times, as we have the skills, equipment and resources to print in high volumes.

6) “Print companies won’t be able to handle your volumes at peak times”

Good communication with your printing company will ensure that they continue to handle your print volumes, even at peak times. Simply let them know the volume of printed materials you require and the quantity needed during peak times and there won’t be any problems.

Remember that print companies work in volume, so they will be very used to managing large quantities of print jobs. Many will also be willing to hold stock of regular items, so you can have access to them at short notice.

7) “Outsourcing will make your company less agile”

It’s simply a myth that outsourcing print management will make your company less agile and responsive. In fact, it will actually free up your employees’ time, giving them chance to respond to business needs.

If one of your goals for this year is making your business more environmentally friendly, outsourcing print management may be the solution . Due to less wastage and increased efficiency, outsourcing print management means business can easily meet their environmental targets.

Finally, working with a print management company will give you access to the latest printing technology. This means that no matter what challenges you face, you will always have the resources to overcome them.

So that’s the top seven myths busted! Want to find out more about outsourcing print management? Get in touch with Baker Goodchild to discuss how it could personally benefit your business.

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