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15 Applications and Uses of Bulk International Mail

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Here at Baker Goodchild we offer both bulk postage and international mail services and we sometimes get asked “What are some of the more common uses for bulk international mail?” So listed below are fifteen applications and uses of bulk international mail, in alphabetical order, so no special significance placed on being higher on the list:

1)    Annual Report and Accounts / Interim Financial Statements

Companies need to financially report their annual and interim accounts to shareholders. This is a frequently used service for international bulk mail as shareholders can and often are located anywhere in the world.

2)    Books

Books can also be sent by international mail. This is particularly the case for new editions, or distribution on the day of release where express international mail services are often required.

3)    Business Reports

Business reports are often produced by academic institutions and research companies. These are another example of mail which is required in bulk as they tend to be sent out in bulk on the day of their release.

4)    Catalogues

Various types of catalogues are published (e.g. auctions, seed, mail order, etc.) It is commonplace for these to be posted out in bulk (even internationally) at the time of their availability.

5)    Collectibles

Collectibles can often be posted out in bulk; again these often correlate to the release date of products such as stamps, coins and jewellery/crystal, etc.

6)    Digital Disks (CDs, DVDs and Computer Media)

Although popular to download online many customers prefer (sometimes for security reasons) to receive software updates via digital disks. Once again these tend to be sent out in bulk at the time of their release; frequently this will be through express delivery so that customers have access to the new functionality ASAP.

7)    Direct Mail

A very frequent use for bulk international mail is direct mail. A market Baker Goodchild is particularly experienced in, direct mail can be practiced internationally with lighter mail pieces such as postcards and leaflets being particularly popular.

8)    Directories

Telephone and business/trade directories are particularly used for international commerce purposes and are posted out in bulk when they are first published.

9)    Invoicing and Statements

Many businesses trade across international borders and therefore have a regular demand for the bulk mailing of accounting documents such as invoices and statements.

10) Letters

Standard letters can be posted internationally. These can be for a wide variety of purposes but include vouchers/coupons, renewal notices for subscriptions and organisational announcements, etc.

11) Magazines, Newspapers and Periodicals

Mail such as magazines, newspapers and periodicals are all published on a set date and require express delivery. It’s sensible to post in bulk to achieve the cash savings available.

12) Postcards

Postcards can be sent in bulk for many reasons; particularly popular uses include direct mail, notifications for events and renewal reminders.

13) Press Releases or Newsletters

A form of organisational announcement which is particularly popular for international bulk mail are press releases, it’s also fairly common for newsletters to be sent in bulk too.

14) Charity campaign

Charity campaigns are a form of direct mail which is popular domestically and internationally. Charities use bulk international mail to promote their cause and to raise vital funds and awareness.

15) University Prospectus

International students are a lucrative form of income for universities who are only too happy to bulk mail their prospectus at the time of its issue to prospective students.

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