How to create great direct mail

How to create great direct mail

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How you create your direct mail can have a huge effect on the response you receive from your audience.

Creating your mail can often seem quite a daunting task, especially if you’ve never done this before. However, there are various reasons why you are the best person to write the copy and come up with the ideas, rather than employing someone to do this for you. Firstly, nobody knows your business better than you do. You have a full and extensive knowledge of your business, product, audience and customer base, making you the best person for the job! Direct mail was ranked as the number one marketing tool for 2012, making it clear that you need to maximise your campaign.

Creating a winning campaign

Firstly, even if you have a limited budget, never assume direct mail is out of your reach, you’d be surprised what you can achieve. However, you need to spend time planning and preparing your direct mail campaign to ensure its success. Start out by brain storming and researching. Take a look at what products sell, what your customers are most interested in and create an offer based around that information to draw them in. Up to 70% of consumers have reported that they welcome direct mail that rewards their loyalty and 62% enjoy receiving mail regarding relevant offers.

Your copy needs to be short and sweet, very few people enjoy sitting and reading page after page, so try and make it direct and to the point. Work together with an experienced designer to make your mail shot eye catching, giving it something that makes it leap off the door mat and in to the hands of a potential customer. However, it is important to stay true to your branding, keeping your literature recognisable as consumers will buy into a brand that is familiar and trusted.

Give your direct mail purpose, ask yourself the question, what type of direct mail do I like to receive? The answer is more than likely going to be mail that has something of benefit for you. Make sure this is the case for your audience, give them an offer that they simply cannot refuse and more importantly, make it fast and easy for them to take advantage of that offer.

Mailing House Success

Once you have your direct mail campaign prepared, you need to secure a reputable and cost effective mailing house to manage your campaign. Find a supplier who is renowned but that also offers great value for money as this is the key to success as well as your budget. Many mailing houses now offer so much more than simply bulk postage and will even cleanse your data as well as create designs and arrange print that can maximise your response.

A key tool which is often forgotten in direct mail is the follow up. Contact your audience in any way you can to check they have received your mail, acted on it and most importantly ask what they thought about it. This type of research is often invaluable to direct mail as it helps you to improve future campaigns.

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