How Important is Repetition and Campaign Follow-up in Direct Mail Success

Repetition need not be feared; repeating successful campaigns should never be a problem, there just needs to be a degree of innovation and tweaking. In this article, we explore the power of repetition and the role direct mail has to play.

Customer relationship management – at the forefront of effective direct mail campaigns

Successful businesses know that vital to their success is customer relationship management (CRM). Repeated contact is important and can be through various methods:

  • g. face to face – such as in a retail store
  • by phone – in a call centre or when taking a sales order
  • online – on an ecommerce website
  • through advertising in its various forms and of course by
  • direct mail campaigns

Even better would be to engage in a combination of methods with meaningful, educational and informative marketing that the customer will actually want to receive.

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Humans love repetition

Humans love repetition; our brains are programmed to feel comfortable with anything we recognise (that’s never done us any harm). Consumers respond well to marketing messages from brands they know. With direct mail, repetition has proven to be successful.

A “vanilla” approach could be taken, and the same mailshot could be sent repetitively over time to the same database. This approach could work but it would be much better to vary the campaign and build/follow-up on past mailshots. Essentially “Vanilla” with a little bit of “added spice”.

Variety is the spice of life for direct mail campaigns

A little variation adds spice, sparks interest and will help to reinforce the brand. One way of varying the mailshots could be to vary the type of mail sent, e.g. one time send a postcard, the next time send a letter, then perhaps a brochure, etc. Varying offers and deals included in mailshots is sensible, so there is always a reason for the recipient to look to see what offer is included this time.

Multi-channel repetition and brand reinforcement

We’ve discussed this before but don’t mind saying again that multi-channel marketing campaigns are effective. For example, backing up a TV campaign with a direct mail piece would be an example of repetition which has proven effective for many charities – particularly around themed campaigns. Other examples of multi-channel repetitive marketing could include email marketing, web PPC advertising, radio advertising, billboard posters, magazine / newspaper advertising, etc.

Integrated mailing campaigns definitely work best

The key point to remember is that integrated marketing campaigns work best and maximise visibility of the brand across a range of marketing channels, direct mail is an essential component of this approach. Always look for ways to integrate different marketing campaigns, with a view that the sum is greater than the individual parts.

Don’t forget obtaining consent to mailing

When mailing any recipient don’t forget that consent is all important. Under new GDPR legislation, recipients need to have clearly opted-in at some point in the past, by some means. Don’t leave this to chance, have systems/processes in place to ensure that consent is in place. If you’re in doubt, bakergoodchild can advise about how to ensure consent to mailing is well managed.

Contacting bakergoodchild to discuss direct mail campaign follow-ups

Sorry for the pun, but at the risk of repeating ourselves! We are sure you now appreciate even more the power of repetition in direct mail campaigns. To kick-start your direct mail campaign and discuss the power of a structured long-term approach get in touch, our direct mail team are just a phone call away on 0800 612 1972.

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