Goneaway Suppression

Goneaway Suppression – an Important Part of Data Cleansing Maintenance

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Whatever form of marketing you use and no matter what industry you are in, it all comes back to having good quality data.

If you don’t have good quality data in the first place, you will spend unnecessary amounts of time and money trying to chase dead leads.To enable your team to focus on the true potential customers you’ll need to have a thorough data cleansing programme, and this includes gone away suppression.

Why is gone away suppression so important?

With any marketing campaign, it’s essential to be able to analyse the results and this means ascertaining the response rate. A low response rate might mean that the campaign isn’t run again, or the channel is dismissed as being a useful tool but if there’s a large number of goneaways on the list, the results could be seriously skewed. Having a lot of unidentified goneaways means that a particular campaign could be viewed as unsuccessful when in fact, the true results from the individuals it did reach was quite the reverse.

It’s therefore vital for future analytics that you minimise goneaways, as well as being important for cost and budget control. And be clear, it’s a huge issue; these aren’t tiny numbers which won’t impact on your data. According to the statistics, around 3.2 million people move house in a single year; that leaves your data with the potential to be significantly out of date.

Huge database

The Goneaway Suppression File is a huge bank of data which collects information from a variety of both private and public resources, providing the most up to date details about the accuracy of addresses.

Using a service which pulls on the data from the Goneaway Suppression File it’s possible to update your records and alter marketing campaigns so that you not only don’t send out to individuals who no longer live there, but you also don’t try to market to the deceased. Updated quarterly, the file contains millions of names and dates back to 1992 so you can be certain about the accuracy of the data being checked.

It’s also not sufficient to only go through your database once, with around 7000 people moving every single day, the accuracy of the information you hold could change vastly from one month to the next! Regular goneaway suppression is the only way to be absolutely certain that you’re getting what you need from your campaigns.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article about goneaway suppression, if the issue resonates with you why not call or email Baker Goodchild today and we can provide a solution for this problem for your business.

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