The future of direct mail in 2014

The future of direct mail in 2014

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With the introduction of email marketing, many had predicted that direct mail marketing would become redundant. However, figures are not supporting this theory, it’s actually quite the opposite.

Direct mail has continued to grow in popularity and is still a large part of many businesses marketing budgets. So why has direct mail continued to succeed in an era that is dominated by electronic mail?

The reasons are fairly simple – trust. Research has shown that direct mail is far more successful. If packaged correctly, direct mail is opened and has an 80 % read or skim rate. What’s more, consumers are 10% more likely to visit a company’s website after receiving direct mail. This type of marketing is trusted by the public and is often kept or shared which in turn increases its reach and makes it more successful.

Improving direct mail

As with any type of marketing, direct mail has also made various improvements which should see it continue to expand in 2014. Focusing on cost effectiveness, direct mail companies constantly strive for new ways to make their services more cost effective for businesses. For example, data processing can make a huge difference to a direct mail campaign. You can ensure that you’re reaching your target audience by using a data list that has been streamlined and professionally edited to remove duplicates and dead contacts. This added service makes direct mail far more effective and removes wasted costs.

Using new technologies, direct mail can have a profound effect on a campaign. With many marketers now choosing to include QR codes to their entice customers to their websites. Consumers cannot resist new technology and through gathering customer data, businesses can personalise direct mail.

Combining marketing strategies

Combining print and digital marketing strategies can widen the audience your business receives. The opening rate for email marketing remains fairly low at a mere 21 % opening emails and as little as 3 % actually clicking through to the website. This evidence goes to show that direct mail still has a huge future as a marketing tool in the UK. Coupling both marketing tools together can produce an incredibly powerful tool that helps to build a strong brand.

In 2014 marketers will need to focus on making their campaigns more personalised to consumers. Using information on existing customers can be key rather than targeting a new audience that does not identify with your brand.

Here at Baker Goodchild we believe that Direct Mail has a bright future. To find out how Direct Mail could help your business give us a call, we’d love to discuss the opportunities that await your business. Please follow our Facebook and/or Twitter accounts.

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