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Four Direct Mail Ideas for Christmas 2017

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In the build-up to Christmas, many organisations feel that the general public may be possibly too busy to have time for direct mail in what is an often already too hectic Christmas schedule. Research shows though that the public welcomes receiving highly targeted mail relevant to their interests. So this Christmas why not send them a Christmas related mailing? In this article, we share four ideas for a Christmas related direct mail campaign in 2017.

1) Christmas related reward or incentive
Christmas is an expensive time of year for everybody, but it is a time when people are spending money. Why not mail out a special Christmas related reward or incentive, e.g. receive a 20% discount on orders between the 11th and 25th December? The reward/incentive could also include a Christmas Card sincerely thanking them for their previous business.

2) Christmas themes, shaped mailings and inserts
What better way to “jazz up” a Christmas direct mail campaign or a mailshot which arrives in the post around Christmas time than applying a Christmas theme? This is an idea well tried and tested by Charities in particular.

Examples could include adding traditional Christmas themes to both the envelope and inserts such as Father Christmas, reindeers, holly, mistletoe, carols, etc. Another popular idea is to shape the mailing into Christmas shapes, e.g. a present, shaped like a Christmas tree or Father Christmas’ sleigh, etc.

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3) Publicise a Christmas event
Particularly for organisations with local premises to the mailshot recipient why not publicise a Christmas event? Everybody loves Christmas-themed events and it’s an ideal way to promote your business. This is particularly apt for a retail business who can also entice customers into their store in the hope of making extra sales.

In terms of mailing, a simple flyer containing the event information will usually suffice and this can be mailed to targeted customers on the database. For an event, there is also a potential approach to print off some extra flyers and promote these in the streets to encourage people to walk into the event.

4) After Christmas Sales and the New Year
Within a Christmas, mailshot could be coupons, discounts and vouchers relating to after Christmas sales. Many people receive money for Christmas and are intent on spending it in the period from Boxing Day and into the New Year in the sales. So why not include within a Christmas mailshot some offers for after Christmas to capture this market potential?

Post early to avoid disappointment
Our final suggestion is a fairly obvious one but sadly an issue for many businesses. Always understand the last dates for Christmas mailings and plan in advance for your campaign. Research the optimal time for customers to receive direct mail and plan for the mail to be received on that date. Above all else for Christmas campaigns, post early to avoid disappointment!

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