Five Direct Mail Myths BUSTED

Five Direct Mail Myths BUSTED

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In our latest blog we demolish some direct mail untruths!

The DMA does a great job in promoting the value of Direct Mail and recently explored some of the myths, half-truths and even untruths surrounding Direct Mail.

We’ve added our own spin on their Top 5 myths:

1) Direct mail isn’t an effective strategy

Direct mail is “old hat” and not an effective strategy in the digital age. Well that’s what many might say but this isn’t borne out by actual Companies experience. Direct Mail is best practiced as part of an integrated approach to marketing across a business.

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2) Direct mail isn’t popular with consumers
Research has shown that direct mail is popular with consumers, with almost three quarters of survey participants saying they liked to receive either vouchers or coupons through the post. Within business, acceptance levels for offers were shown to be even higher.

3) Direct mail doesn’t get opened
The vast majority of direct mail is opened by its intended recipient. One study in 2010 found that 91% of mail is opened, making it the best known medium for customer acquisition.

4) Direct mail has no influence on whether consumers make a purchase
Following receipt of a mail order catalogue, 17.7 million people in the UK made a purchase in the last year according to the DMA.

5) Direct mail is not an eco-friendly choice
An entire year’s worth of direct mail for one individual creates the equivalent greenhouse gas of just 34 seconds on a long haul flight. In addition, there’s no need for any direct mail to end up in a landfill site as many councils are able to offer recycling, and can make money out of the process.

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