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FAQS about Mailshots

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If you’re thinking about organising a mailshot, Baker Goodchild can take care of all your needs from beginning to end, providing a cost-efficient service you can trust.

If you’ve never used our mailshot services before, you might have some queries about how the process works. Here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Can high volumes be handled?

Thanks to the latest technology, extremely high volumes of mail can be handled every day, even those with personalisation.

200,000 polywrap, 250,000 personalised or 200,000 envelopes can be processed every single day.

Most items are processed by machine but where this isn’t suitable a hand-finishing matching service is available. We can handle lots of different sizes and dimensions for your mailshot, so you can pick the option that’s right for your company.

Are mailshots environmentally friendly?

If you’re worried about the impact of a direct mail campaign on the environment, you’ll be relieved to know that there are lots of environmentally-friendly measures in place.

With recycled paper, envelopes made from biodegradable materials and eco-friendly poly-wrapping, using a direct mail campaign doesn’t mean abandoning your green principles.

By choosing Baker Goodchild, you can be certain that you’re getting some of the most eco-friendly solutions in the market, without an inflated cost.

Can you help with postage costs?

When you’re planning a mailshot, one of the biggest concerns is likely to be the cost versus the potential benefits.

Delivery of the mail is likely to be one of the biggest expenses but when you use a leading mailhouse such as Baker Goodchild, you will benefit from lower postage costs. We have contracts with all the leading postal providers which means that the same high service standards apply but at a lower cost.

We want to manage part of the process ourselves

Here at Baker Goodchild we can help you with your mailshot from beginning to end if you want a total solution, but that’s not the only package we offer.

If you want to manage part of the process in-house, we can just help you with the part that you want. Our solutions are flexible and designed to fit around your business so you can pick and choose the professional services which suit you.

We can help you with the compilation of the items ready to be mailed, or just the mailing itself, where we can offer you a more cost-effective postal service without compromising on standards.

What areas do you service?

Although we’re based centrally in Birmingham, we are able to offer our mailshot services to the whole of the UK.

Customers who are local can drop in for a face to face meeting, but those who are further away can still use our mailshot services which can be delivered anywhere in the country.

We also provide international services too, delivering the same effective mailing solutions all over the world. For global postage, you can choose from Economy, Standard or Priority and you’ll receive the same discounted trade rates for each service. We’ll only use routes which have proven to be safe and successful so you can trust us to get the mail there quickly, efficiently and economically too.

How much notice do you need to manage a mailshot?

Of course the more notice we get, the more likely it is than we can meet all of your needs more easily but because we provide a service around the clock, we can often produce a high quality mailshot with very little notice.

We have high tech equipment and state of the art technology which means that we can deliver a responsive service when you need it. We understand that flexibility is key and that sometimes the needs of a business can change, so when you need to get a mailshot out quickly, we can help you out.

How do we choose which company to handle our mailshot?

There’s lots of companies offering mailshot services but Baker Goodchild are one of the leading providers in the industry, offering high standards and cost efficiency.

However, you don’t need to take our word for it; we’re also fully accredited from a number of organisations including The Direct Marketing Association and the Mail Consolidators Association. We also hold ISO9001 and 14001 Quality Accreditation and we’re backed by, partnered with or members of the BSI, Chambers of Commerce, Royal Mail, the Independent Print Industries Association and the Mail Carriers Association.

Don’t take a chance on using a direct mail company which isn’t backed by quality assurances; Baker Goodchild has more than two decades of experience and has the accreditation to prove it. Get in touch today to discover for yourself the high quality of our services.

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