Facebook and Direct Mail

Facebook and Direct Mail

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Facebook’s UK growth may be slowing or even in decline but its success may still be ahead of it.

Facebook is now part of many people’s everyday life in the UK, approximately half of the UK population has an account. ComScore reported an end of December 2013 user base of just over 31.4 million users. A comparable figure of one year ago was about 1.5 million more registered users. However, despite this slight decline, Facebook is now unarguably “mainstream”.

If your target audience is particularly young or trendy, you might need to expand your strategy to incorporate other platforms in addition to Facebook, but you’d be wrong to completely dismiss the social platform entirely. There’s still around 2.5 million users aged between 13-17 years old and although the largest demographic is aged between 25-24 years old, presenting just over a quarter of all users, Facebook still has the single largest volume of consumers in any online social media site. For this reason, it would be foolhardy for any business to abandon Facebook completely.

The key to successful marketing today is to ensure a mix between such platforms as Facebook and more traditional marketing methods such as direct mail to provide a more holistic 360degree marketing experience. For many organisations this can appear scary so here are three quick tips to allow you to at least dip a toe in the water – and see the results with full measurability.

Use Facebook as a point of conversion

Direct Mail has traditionally pointed customers to a website but directing traffic to Facebook can bring many advantages. Facebook can be friendlier, more immediate, more targeted to your chosen customer base. It can also allow people to see levels of engagement with current customers and allow them to engage themselves in a more positive way then a traditional website.

Taking opportunities to create conversations directly linked to the brand

Customers who are engaged with the brand will respond extremely positively to any kind of premium or VIP content, and will typically be very willing to provide insight and information if the incentive of exclusive access is offered.

Create innovative apps which integrate the best of Facebook

Facebook is a great way to support brand values and propositions so that Direct Mail can be used to incorporate the USPs that have been developed over a number of years. Encourage customers and potential customers to move between platforms to become fully engaged with the brand and specific products or services.

For more detailed ideas check out websites such as Inside Facebook and don’t forget to let us know your experiences here or on our own Facebook page.

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