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Direct Marketing FAQs with answers

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Here at Baker Goodchild we regularly are asked questions about the field of direct marketing. In this article, we answer some of the questions we’ve been given over the years.

1) What is direct marketing?

Direct Marketing relates to a form of marketing which directly connects and targets the customer. Please read our guide to direct marketing which answers this question in more detail.

2) Is direct marketing the same as direct mail?

The two terms “direct marketing” and “direct mail” are two commonly used terms which to many mean “one and the same thing”, but are in reality quite different. Direct mail is one of the channels within direct marketing which also includes channels such as direct email marketing, telemarketing, etc. For more information about the differences read our special guide.

3) How does direct marketing benefit the end customer?

Direct marketing campaigns, which are managed well, benefit the organisation and the end customer. By gathering a demographic and behavioural profile through sound data management, an organisation can produce highly relevant and targeted marketing which is much more likely to be of interest to the end customer. This includes access to special offers and promotions, free trials, and ethical organisations will always offer opt-out for those customers not wishing to receive marketing communication.

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4) Will direct marketing be beneficial to every organisation?

Yes, direct marketing can be beneficial to every organisation (businesses, charities, not for profits and public sector organisations alike). It’s important though that the project is managed well and the available budget is used to its maximum extent and benefit. We would recommend working with a high-quality direct marketing agency like Baker Goodchild, who can advise on the best approaches.

5) How quickly can an organisation start a direct marketing campaign?

A direct marketing campaign could start as early as today/tomorrow, but it’s far more important to approach the campaign with quality and accuracy than with speed. A really effective direct marketing campaign is an integrated project (mail, telephone, print etc.) across many direct marketing channels and would typically take a minimum of three weeks to commence.

6) How can the success of a direct marketing campaign be assessed and monitored?

Direct marketing campaigns are relatively easy to track and monitor, but organisations need to implement processes to measure key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics. Baker Goodchild, can help organisations to put KPI measures in place to monitor the effectiveness of direct mail campaigns.

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