Direct Mail Soars

Direct Mail Usage Continues to Soar

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The Yorkshire Post recently featured a fantastic news story on how demand for print is on the rise in Yorkshire’s print sector.

One print broker had seen an increase of over eighty percent in direct mail related orders compared to December of the previous year.

The article also highlighted a point that we make, which is that is that people are much more likely to engage with a printed item – scientific studies have even proved it!

The tables have turned

Speaking about the increase in direct mail orders, the print broker said that he believed businesses were finding emails ineffective. This is due to reasons such as spamming and that many of the e-mails were deleted without being even read, this is why businesses are turning to direct mail.

The tables have really turned, as one of the reasons why companies reduced the amount of direct mail they were sending in the first place was because too many companies were using it to market their brands. Now it’s a case of there being too many marketing emails to compete with, so companies are reverting back to traditional methods like direct mail.

An increase in direct mail across the UK

However it’s not just Yorkshire that is seeing an increase in demand for direct mail. Here in the West Midlands we have also noticed that direct mail usage is on the up. It seems to be a trend that is spreading across the UK and as direct mail specialists, that’s something we’re delighted about!

Personalisation of direct mail

Something else that was pointed out in the article that we have noticed too is that brands are keen to take a much more personalised approach to direct mail these days. Today the majority of direct mail literature contains the names of recipients and the content is tailored to their interests. Personalisation is key to direct mail success and has been known to greatly increase response rates.

Direct mail isn’t dead

News stories like the one in the Yorkshire Post prove that print is far from dead. Even in a digitally driven world there is still very much a place for it. We’ve been promoting the benefits of direct mail marketing for years now and are thrilled to see that businesses are really beginning to understand its value to their marketing operations.

If you fancy “going back to the future” with direct mail, give us a call here at Baker Goodchild. We’ll provide help and guidance on how direct mail will benefit your business.

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