Direct Mail Trustworthy Marketing Channel

Direct Mail the Trustworthy Marketing Channel

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Choosing the right channels through which to market your products and services has become increasingly difficult, with email and a plethora of social media platforms giving consumers multiple ways to communicate.

Whilst there are certainly many benefits of using email and social media as marketing channels, this doesn’t mean that traditional marketing methods, like direct mail are no longer relevant.

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In fact, studies have shown that direct mail is still the most trusted marketing channel by consumers. Here we’ll explain why…

It’s what people are used to

One reason why direct mail could be considered trustworthy is that it’s what people are used to receiving. Whilst older generations may be reluctant to engage with brands via email or social media, most will feel comfortable picking up and reading a piece of direct mail that comes through their letter box. Humans are creatures of habit and trust what they know.

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Today consumers expect and favour personalised marketing experiences and the majority feel that direct mail delivers this best. The Internet isn’t a very personal place, which is why consumers are more likely to trust offers pushed through their door on a piece of direct mail than something that flashes up on their screen when they’re browsing online.

It’s not associated with spam

Whilst email marketing has many benefits, many people associate marketing emails from companies as being spam, as they receive so many on a daily basis. Over the years, the amount of direct mail being sent out has rapidly decreased, so there’s no real chance of consumers finding it overwhelming or spam-like. Consumers are therefore more likely to trust direct mail, as they receive much less of it.

It’s safe

The growing threat of identity theft, fraud and viruses has made many people more hesitant in responding to online offers, even if they are relevant and sent from a trust-worthy brand. People see direct mail as being safe – there’s no chance of them having their identity stolen or downloading a dodgy virus to their computer. Sure, some direct mail is integrated with technology so it can take you online but the recipient has a choice in the matter.

It requires more effort

A final reason why consumers may perceive direct mail as being trustworthy is that it requires the brand to put more effort into making it. If a brand has made the effort to invest time and money into creating direct mail, it suggests they have something important to share with consumers, making them more likely to trust their message and respond to it.

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