Direct Mail services for trade unions

Direct Mail Services for Trade Unions

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As in other sectors, direct mailing can have serious benefits for trade unions. The mere scale of trade unions means communication with union members must be well organised and effective. Direct mailing is just one of such ways to keep organised and efficient communication with members. Through direct mailing, members can become up to speed with information like upcoming elections, general meetings, financial notices and so on. The direct mailing tips below, if appropriately applied will help streamline the communication strategy of any trade union.

Direct Addressing

Direct addressing is an efficient way of making every member feel essential and part of the trade union. As such, they will read the mails and send correspondence as fast as they can because they are made to believe that their opinion counts. This improves member communication, loyalty, and trust. Hence, it is essential to work with a reputable mailing agency such as bakergoodchild that uses variable data printing technology to accurately and effortlessly print specified names and addresses onto the direct admail.

Ensure mail is folded professionally

If you intend to come across as professional and respectable to your members, then you need the help of a professional direct mail service provider like bakergoodchild. Folding may seem like a trivial job that your employees can handle. But, it not only drains your employee power but also increases the chances of having poorly folded mails that depict unprofessionalism. Poor folds obscure crucial information and prevent the package from fitting into the right envelope. At bakergoodchild, you can expect professional in-house automated and manual folding services.

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Mail sorting can help you save

Pre-sorting your mailings before sending them out can reduce your postage charges significantly. Sorting mass direct mail outs qualifies you for special volume mailing charges because you save the post office cost and time they would have required to sort out the mail. Mailings are grouped as 1st class high volume mail, publication mail, addressed and unaddressed mail.

Maintaining a mailing list

As aforementioned, trade unions have huge memberships that translate to huge mailing lists. However, people are bound to leave and join the trade unions as they deem necessary. Hence, you must have an up-to-date mailing list that accommodates all new members and excludes previous members who no longer wish to participate in the trade unions’ activities. Track member responses, note the active and dormant members and come up with mailing strategy that would trigger faster responses. Also, invest in recovery software that maintains your databases and mailing lists should anything happen to your IT system.

Cleaning up the mailing list

Maintaining clean, direct mailing lists saves you time and money. You send out direct mail to the right people and their right addresses. Members’ move and change postal addresses; therefore, it is important to keep note of the personal changes requested by members. Better yet, you can request them to update their contact information occasionally.

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Besides the above, countless other reasons exist why you may need a professional mailing house to handle your trade union’s direct mailing activities. We have helped other trade unions, and we can help you too.

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