Direct mail services for theatre and the arts

Direct mail services for Theatres and the Arts

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If you’re a theatre or arts organisation it’s highly likely that your direct marketing mailshots will include promotional leaflets and highly specialist bulky booklets, programmes, and magazines. We know that it is a priority for your promotional materials to arrive in pristine condition. We also know that you want to ensure that your direct mail campaign is handled professionally, efficiently and with the minimum of fuss and within budget.

At bakergoodchild, we are experienced in executing well managed direct mail services for the theatre and arts sectors which is why they choose us as their number one direct mailing service.

Publicising your theatrical productions

The lifeblood of every production is an audience. So, your number one priority is to ensure that your productions are well attended and popular. To do this you need to get your voice heard and direct mail campaigns are one way to ensure that you get your message about your theatrical productions out there to the people who need to see it most, your local audiences.

Arts organisations

If you’re an arts organisation putting on an exhibition, concert, summer scheme or a class, it’s critical your customers know about it in time and are able to book in advance. It also helps you to gauge demand for events and decide if you need to cancel or add extra dates.

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Time-critical mailings

Well branded publicity materials are vital to publicising events and enabling a smooth booking process. This means that using an experienced direct mailing company like bakergoodchild is going to give you a distinct advantage when it comes to getting time critical marketing materials dispatched in a timely and professional manner. This leaves you to get on with what you’re good at creating innovative and entertaining theatrical and art productions and events.

Personalised mail

Using personalised mail is a great way to reach out to your audience using their first name and making them feel that they’re not just a number. You can use personalised mailings to appeal directly to your audience. By including beautifully created brochures, programmes or other leaflet style promotional materials you can whet the appetite of your potential audiences and create teasers which will make them want to pre-book your productions.

Tangibly attractive brochures

We live in a world where there are many services/products competing for our attention. We’re bombarded with online material on our phones, computers and devices and often it’s refreshing to have a tangible physical brochure or leaflet which we can look at and read several times. With direct marketing mail campaigns, you can send out personalised invitations for VIPs and group members.

Efficiency and GDPR compliance

Here at bakergoodchild, we take your direct mailing campaign security seriously. We are fully GDPR compliant and have the capacity to create a direct mailing campaign which will package and deliver your brochures and marketing materials in a timely, efficient and professional manner.

Work with a long-established mailing house

So, if you want to work with a direct mailing company which has a long experience and history of working with theatrical and arts sector organisations, work with bakergoodchild. If you contact us here on 0800 612 1972, we’ll happily talk to you about your future campaigns. Work with us to ensure your direct mailing campaigns are executed in a timely and efficient manner ensuring your future marketing success.



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