Direct mail services for Housing Associations

Housing associations have large amounts of information to distribute about services and accommodation to clients and service providers. It’s likely that you’ll have a mixture of brochures, leaflets and advertising materials which you will need folded and bundled into a direct marketing mailshot. Often such material can be bulky and difficult to package easily. However, with our advanced folding and packaging systems here at bakergoodchild we have the answer.

Automated Mail Folding

There are a variety of ways which leaflets, brochures and marketing materials can be folded and prepared for direct mail shots. At bakergoodchild, we have the most modern machinery available in the direct mail industry to ensure that your leaflets, brochures, and marketing materials are folded professionally and arrive with your target audience in pristine condition.

We can concertina your marketing materials and inserts for easy folding ensuring no degradation in quality for your readership. Our quality machinery ensures that your inserts are folded neatly and retain their high quality to reflect the quality services you offer. Folding also saves you money as your mail inserts can fit into a smaller envelope to reduce the costs of mailing.

Polythene wrapping

Quite often mail inserts can include single double-sided leaflets, brochures and a variety of other printed marketing materials. At bakergoodchild we can print all marketing materials and brochures and all inserts can then be bundled and neatly wrapped in polythene. Our electric guillotine plant and machinery can cut between 12,000 and 15,000 sheets per hour, so no matter how big your mailshot, we can handle it and get it out to your mailing list on time.

Automated Punching and ring binding

If you require specialist binding for your direct mailshot marketing, we have the very latest specialist binding and punching machinery which can handle 216,000 sheets per hour. This means that your materials can be printed by our professional printers.

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Fast Efficient and Cost-effective mail campaigns

There’s no faster or more efficient way of getting your mailshot out to your clients than using a professional mailshot preparation company like bakergoodchild. We have vast experience of organising, preparing and printing complex and bulky marketing materials for mailing.

As a housing association, your information is time critical and information must be efficiently mailed to your tenants and service providers. Often information must be disseminated urgently to ensure that tenants are aware of housing risks, hazards or rights, for example in the case of fire safety. In the vast majority of cases, we can print in-house or in certain scenarios can print offsite to ensure you receive the best printing services for your needs. Our highly skilled and trained staff will be able to advise you on how to maximise your direct mailing campaign and prepare your envelopes for you automatically.

Full GDPR compliance

As a fully GDPR compliant direct mail specialist we ensure confidentiality and full mailing address data protection. We only keep the information we require for your mailshot purposes and fully protect our customer’s data with a full range of GDPR compliant measures. Our systems are fully backed up and secured to ensure that no unauthorised access can be gained by third parties. We take your data security seriously and have processes and systems in place to ensure complete data processing. Rest assured, at bakergoodchild we protect our client data by full off-site backups and only hold the information we require to fulfil mail shots for clients for the minimum time period.

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