Direct mail services for Car Manufacturers and Dealerships

The automotive sector is a fast-moving industry. There are continuously changing regulations for car manufacturers and dealerships. Car manufacturers may have to send out urgent recalls and safety advice to car owners which is vital for car safety. Car dealerships may wish to send regular b2b newsletters and brochures to fleet car managers and businesses about offers and new vehicle designs or models to encourage them to upgrade their fleets of cars. If you’re hoping to drive sales it’s important to regularly update your customer basis and make the most of your mailing list to market new offers to your customers.

Direct mail marketing effectiveness

There is a host of evidence to suggest that direct mail marketing campaigns are very effective in marketing goods. According to the Direct Marketing Association:

  • 1% of customers opened personalised direct mail when it was sent to them and
  • 48% read looked or glanced at it.

Such success reinforces your brand and increases its awareness in your customer’s minds, keeping your brand at the forefront. It’s really important that consumers can relate to your brand and your direct mail campaigns and enable them to remember your brand when they come to purchase.

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Use direct mail marketing to keep your decision making simple

According to Harvard Business Review customers are brand savvy and will jump on whichever brand offers the best deal. However, what is also critical is the ease with which that brand makes the purchase. From the review –

“Brands that scored in the top quarter in our study were 86% more likely than those in the bottom quarter to be purchased by the consumers considering them. They were 9% more likely to be repurchased and 115% more likely to be recommended to others.”

Personalised mail is a great way of getting your message across to your customers. High-quality brochures can really showcase your cars and specialist vehicles and enable you to reach customers in a very visual way.

It is striking that according to the Economist Group

89% of business readers say that the brand a piece of content comes from is important, and 85% of marketers say the primary reason for creating content is to build the brand and positive perceptions of the company.

Direct mail campaigns are an excellent way to build a brand and create positive perceptions of your company which in turn helps your customers trust your brand. Given that colour increases brand recognition by up to 80% it’s clear that direct mail leaflets and brochures are a vital way to increase your brand recognition. (University of Loyola)

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So, if you want to build your brand and ensure your customers have a positive image of your company to help direct them deeper into the sales funnel then you can’t ignore direct mail marketing as an effective method of hooking customers in. At bakergoodchild, we can execute an effective, value for money and targeted direct mail campaign which will produce quality inserts which your customers will be happy to receive and browse.

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