Direct Mail remains a smart choice for businesses

Direct Mail remains a smart choice for businesses

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Despite the headlines generated by Facebook, Google and other technology providers, old school Direct Mail remains an essential marketing tool.

Direct Mail generates better response rates and helps build customer loyalty and brand awareness that outstrips many other forms of marketing.

Go figure

In 2012, the typical response rate for both B2B and B2C was, on average, 4.4% as reported in the US by Direct Mail News and UK figures from the well-respected Direct Marketing Association (DMA) report a similar response rate. In April 2013 they found that the response rate for direct mail to an existing customer averages at 3.4 percent. That US figures covers both B2B and B2C mailings. And the same figure for email marketing? Just 0.12 percent.

Additionally The Royal Mail reports the vast majority of direct mail is opened by recipients, approximately 92%, with almost half, 48%, taking action as a result of receiving it. 14.2 million Individuals made a purchase as a result of direct mail, with a voucher or coupon being used in 10.5 million cases. There were 3 million phone enquiries and 2.8 million people tried either a new service or product.

Benefits, benefits, benefits

The Royal Mail has also developed some compelling benefits for Direct Mail that includes

  • Targeted – Compared to TV, press or radio ads for example, Direct Mail can be targeted much more successfully. You’ll need a good database of course but a company offering Direct Mail services will help here. The data can be mined and updated to build a relationship with potential customers and allow for even more effectively targeted mail shots.
  • Personal – Personalisation is the key to every successful business – whether it’s the greengrocer remembering your name or Amazon remembering your last 300 purchases personalisation makes a difference! Direct Mail uses latest developments in data and print to help you create a highly personal piece that will target your customers effectively.
  • Tangible – We know from experience that much of the internet is ephemeral – here today and gone tomorrow. It’s too easy to click delete on so many messages that we can fail to read marketing emails. Nobody is pretending that print doesn’t get ‘recycled’ but as the figures above report at least 92 percent of post is at least opened.
  • Integrated – Internet marketing has added another dimension to an established but effective marketing practice. Using Direct Mail as part of an integrated campaign will increase it effectiveness. It can reinforce messages seen in poster campaigns or press ads. It can get people to visit websites or Facebook pages. It can promote a new shop opening.
  • Measurable – You’ll need to use a response mechanism to make the most of Direct Mail’s measurability – If you want to know the impact that your Direct Mail campaign has, you can enclose either a return envelope or an order card; this will allow you to accurately assess the number of responses. As an alternative, customers can also be provided with phone numbers, discount codes or specific email addresses so they can pick the most convenient way to get in contact with you.

With so many benefits it is no surprise that Direct Mail is still so popular, so why not start planning your campaign today?

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