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Direct Mail isn’t dead but it’s certainly changing

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Direct mail is the gift that keeps on giving. For years, decades even, we’ve heard that it’s ‘dying’ but despite the digital revolution, it’s still alive and kicking.

Direct Mail is Still a Main Marketing Channel

Whilst the last couple of decades has seen the end of personal letters and increased postal costs, direct mail is still used by companies as one of their main marketing channels. This is particularly true of the charity sector, where direct mail is still one of the main ways they get sign ups and donations. Even in the digital world, online income remains a fraction of mail income for the majority of charities and whilst most have taken to using social media, unlike direct mail, it is producing little in the way of direct income.

Direct mail is changing

Though just because direct mail is thriving, it doesn’t mean it isn’t changing. Brands that are continuing to produce the same direct mail campaigns they used ten years ago will be generating little in the way of results and that’s because they have failed to see the potential in integrating direct mail with new technologies.

Less direct mail means better results

Many brands believe that because consumers receive less direct mail today that it makes their direct mail campaigns all the more effective. But in actual fact direct mail in isolation stands little chance of making an impact on customers. It is actually the brands that are using their direct mail as part of a wider marketing strategy (incorporating a range of media) that are seeing the best results.

Direct mail strategies for charities

Using charities as an example, a piece of direct mail may not be enough to encourage a recipient to donate but if integrated with a QR code, it is more likely to persuade the individual to view the charity’s website where they may be more inclined to make a donation (as it’s much quicker and convenient). Alternatively a charity could integrate their direct mail with an augmented reality app to show potential donors a compelling video that may be what’s needed to give them that final push to donate.

Integrating direct mail with technology will be important

For many marketers the thought of integrating direct mail with technologies will be daunting but it’s necessary if you want your campaigns to remain relevant in the digital world. Rather than seeing the potential issues regarding the changes to direct mail (complexity, costs, etc.) look for the opportunities and you will soon see that together direct mail and technology have a lot to offer.

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