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Direct Mail Innovation Statistics

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In our infographic and article Innovations in Direct Mail, we’ve covered a number of different ways that you can innovate your direct mail campaign. We’ve looked at new technologies, changing colours and small but effective adjustments you can make to deliver a greater impact.

But as well as showing you some of the different techniques that you can use, we wanted to prove to you just how effective they can be. With this in mind, below we have shown statistics from some successful direct mail innovations.

The value of innovations in direct mail and printing

The Direct Mail Association (DMA) state that 65% of customers, from all age groups, have made a purchase from a direct mail campaign. So it’s clear that the statistics back up direct mail as a form of marketing itself. Below are just some of the ways that you can further innovate your direct mail campaign, and the resulting statistics.

Using shapes or colours

Colour alone is a huge marketing trick that, if used properly, can make or break someone’s decision to purchase from you. In fact, up to 90% of snap purchases are made based on colour alone, depending on the product of course. This is why using colour in direct mail can help the success rate rise by up to 6.5%.

Alongside this, 43% of consumers want strange or unusual shapes in their direct mail, and using 3D shapes was found to perform better than normal direct mail by around 250%!

Personalising your direct mail

Personalisation is crucial to any campaign, particularly direct mail. 98% of people check their direct mail daily, and 98% of people also like their mail to be personalised. Personalisation techniques, alongside the addition of colour as mentioned above, increase the success rate of a direct mail campaign by around 6.5%.

Including samples and scents in your direct mail

Including samples within your direct mail is always a great way to win a customer over. People love anything that is free, and if they already have a natural positive inclination to your brand, which you can target through personalisation, this will sweeten the deal.

Some reports state that a brand’s awareness raised around 90% after samples, and the likelihood to purchase increases by a huge 91% too.

If your free sample includes a scent, great, as we associate smell with emotion and memory. But if it doesn’t, why not consider scenting the direct mail itself? 26% of consumers are reported as liking this in their mailshots.

Using different types of direct mail

When we think of mail, we think of letters in envelopes. But you can get innovative with the different types of direct mail that you send. For example, USPS found that at least 52% of people read the postcards that come through their doors.

Adding innovation to your direct mail campaign

Are you interested in what you’ve read above? Here at bakergoodchild we’re more than familiar with the tricks that can make a direct mail campaign successful. For more information on how we can help you, just get in contact with us here.


Image credit: Donald Tong and Silvio Kundt