Brands are spotting a gap in the market and filling it with savvy direct mail campaigns.

Direct Mail Has Found its Place as Volumes Decline

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In terms of volume, direct mail is in decline and whilst this would usually be a reason for brands to steer well clear, they could actually be missing out on a huge competitive advantage by eliminating it as a valuable marketing channel.

Whilst the majority of brands are moving towards a more digital approach to marketing, a few savvy companies are moving in the opposite direction, using traditional marketing methods like direct mail to give them a clear competitive advantage.

Next’s Direct Mail Campaign

One of the biggest success stories of a recent direct mail marketing campaign comes from high street retailer Next. The British fashion company admitted that they had not used direct mail for six to seven years after finding it in effective. However recently it had reintroduced it into its marketing mix and found it to generate extremely profitable results.

The main reason the company sidelined this form of marketing in the first place was because everyone was doing it and consumers were becoming inundated with direct mail. With fewer companies using direct mail to engage with their target audience today, Next spotted a gap in the market and decided to fill it with its new direct mail marketing campaigns.

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Reasons Why Direct Mail is Making A Comeback

It is thought that many businesses wrongly believe that direct mail is an expensive form of marketing and that it cannot be targeted at consumers as effectively as online marketing campaigns. However it is these myths about direct mail that has created an opportunity for the savvy brands that remain aware of the value of this form of marketing.

One of the reasons why direct mail could be making a comeback is because for younger generations, it is a novelty. Unlike older generations, they are not used to receiving a lot of physical mail through the post, therefore making them more likely to pick up and read a piece of direct mail that is addressed to them.

This is something that brands with younger target audience should sit up and take note. Fashion brands in particular can benefit from sending direct mail to their younger customers as a way to spark engagement. If you think about it, young people are so used to seeing marketing messages on the Internet every day that they are likely to become de-sensitized to them, whereas the same cannot be said for a physical marketing message that is posted through their letterbox.

Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing

Thinking of filling the gap in the market by setting up your own direct mail marketing campaigns? We’ve listed some of the ways you could benefit below:

  • Strengthens relationships – Direct mail is seen as a more personalised form of marketing than email marketing and social media marketing. It will help you to strengthen your relationships with customers and gain their loyalty.
  • Easy to track results – It is easy to track the results produced by direct mail campaigns using unique discount codes. Every time a customer uses their discount code to buy your product or service, you will know it was a result of your direct mail campaign.
  • Affordable ­– Despite what many people think, direct mail is very affordable, especially when you compare it to TV and radio advertising. Plus it creates a much longer-lasting impression on consumers than other types of marketing.


Next’s success story and the novelty idea of direct marketing for young people prove that it still has value in the world of business today.

Buck the trend and start your Direct Mail campaign, you are likely to be surprised with the successful results. Plan your campaign with the experts here at Baker Goodchild – we’d love to speak on 0800 612 1972.

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