Direct mail and what lies ahead for advertising in 2014

Direct mail and what lies ahead for advertising in 2014

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What lies ahead for the advertising sector in 2014?

Well according to recent statistics things are looking good with an estimated 5.3% increase in spending in 2014 with an expected total of £18.8 billion pounds being spent across the sector, up £1 billion on the previous year.

Online and TV advertising grew sharply in 2013 by 13.7% and 14.8% respectively. Direct mailing though is expected to be a big feature in many companies advertising budgets. According to statistics, 48 % of the population prefer direct mail over email. What’s more, further research showed that 62% of people like to receive mail telling them about new offers, 56% of people welcome mail that gives them useful information and a whopping 70% of people welcome mail that rewards their loyalty.

Target markets

There is a big difference in responses across age ranges with direct mail seeming to prove more effective in the more mature sectors. For instance, between the ages of 25 and 54 the response to direct mail is around 45% whilst in the 55-64 category the response is reported at 79%. The highest group is 65 plus which had a staggering response of 92% to direct mailings with 6.1 million of them ordering an item introduced by direct mail. Direct mail works in all age groups though with the 15-19 year old group demonstrating that 79% of them will open a direct mail if they deem the correspondence to be relevant compared to 49 % with email marketing.

What direct mail means

Direct mail can be extremely effective as a marketing and advertising tool with an ROI of £4.60 for every pound spent. What’s more it can say a lot about the company as direct mail is seen by consumers as a more professional way of communicating than via e-mail. People are more likely to turn their attention to a direct mail than other forms of advertising and are more likely to respond to a well drafted, informative piece of communication. It tends to make people feel more valued when they receive direct communication through the post rather than just an e-mail which is circulated to thousands of people and they are more likely to take the time to read the information enclosed in your leaflet or brochure and, if they are already a customer of yours then the chances of them responding are greatly increased.

77% of customers said they like being informed of special offers via direct mail so it’s no surprise this form of marketing is set to rise in 2014 putting direct mail a main focus on any marketing agenda.

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