Data Security in Transactional Mail

One of the greatest concerns in modern day society is of data security and the handling of sensitive information. In this article, we have explained the data security that we provide in transactional mail.

The preference for transactional mail

There have been a number of high-profile hacks in recent years on companies such as BT, Sky and Yahoo. Perhaps one of the biggest hacks was with the Sony email leak, but these aren’t the only email leaks that we’ve seen.

With platforms such as WikiLeaks more prevalent than ever, these email leaks go right up to some of the highest political officials in the world. Despite the amazing benefits that technology allows us to do nowadays, hacks and security breaches such as this give people a natural distrust for technology. The release of the famous Terminator series probably hasn’t helped either, it’s no wonder data security has been a trending topic recently!

Despite the increased use of technology around the world, people know that they can still trust paper documents. A paper document can’t be hacked. Of course, a piece of transactional mail could be opened by someone other than the recipient it was intended for, but rarely is any truly sensitive information printed in a piece of transactional mail.

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Where sensitive information may be printed, this often has to be combined with different pieces of transactional mail or other information that only the recipient will have, providing a heightened level of data security in transactional mail.

Furthermore, you can make use of secure recorded delivery options when mailing transactional mail, meaning that you can track your piece of mail along its journey, and know that it has arrived safely at its destination.

Some of the transactional mail that we send may contain information such as invoices or statement information, and this could be considered as slightly more sensitive information. For that reason, we always use mailing partners that we can trust and recorded first-class delivery where necessary.

Data security in transactional mail databases

When printing transactional mail, we often use methods called variable data printing and mail merge, which will draw on databases that we have stored. This data may contain sensitive and personal information, and for that reason we always take careful measures to ensure any databases are secure.

bakergoodchild are fully compliant with the Data Protection Act 1998, the law stipulating how a company must handle data, as well as ISO 27001, an internationally recognised standard relating to data security.

Please note, as we have listed in our Privacy & Cookies Policy, we will only ever collect and store data from you that is relevant. We don’t store payment details on our site, which is perhaps of the greatest concern to customers, and our greatest concern is your data security.

Secure sending with bakergoodchild

Transactional mail is a secure, safe and efficient way of sending information to customers, and we take extra measures to ensure that this data security is the highest level it can be. If you have concerns about data security, transactional mail business continuity or want to know more about transactional mail, please get in contact with us here.

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