Data Management Devil in Detail

Data Management – the Devil is always in the Detail

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When it comes to data management, the devil is in the detail. One tiny mistake and it could end up costing your business an awful lot. Here we’ll take a look at the importance of achieving data quality through careful management of your data .

Keeping costs to a minimum

One of the problems with poor data is that it can end up costing your business a significant amount of money. For example, if your data hasn’t been cleaned recently and you send out direct mail to customers that no longer live at the addresses you have on file, you are essentially wasting a large proportion of your marketing budget on people who can’t possible convert.

Similarly, if you haven’t updated your records in a while then you could have duplicate details on file. This may result in you sending out the same pieces of direct mail to customers twice, which will cost you double what you really need to be paying.

Implementing a strong data management strategy will help you to keep on top of data cleaning so you can be sure that your records are always up to date.

Improving customer relationships

If you don’t manage your data properly, you could end up causing damage to your customer relationships and your business as a whole. For example, if customers have specified that they no longer want to receive your direct mail but you don’t update your records to show this, you will still end up sending it to them, which could cause a lot of frustration. If customers become frustrated with your business, they will no longer want to buy your products or services, which will lead to a loss of potential profits.

Keeping your data clean and relevant can greatly improve your customer relationships. By regularly updating your database with information such as purchase history and preferences, you can tailor your direct mail to your customers and make it more relevant to them. The more personalised your mailings are, the more likely customers are to take action.

Keep your details up to date with professional data management

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