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Clean Data a Driver behind Effective Direct Marketing Campaigns

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Ever since email marketing, social media marketing and the alike came along, people seemed to forget about the importance of direct marketing.

Whilst some saw it as being old-fashioned and out-dated, others believed that consumers no longer wanted to receive it, now they could access digital alternatives instead. Neither of these is of course true. Direct marketing is still as great as it’s always been, it’s just had to undergo a bit of a re-brand.

Direct marketing re-brand

It could be argued that over the last couple of years, direct mail (and all direct marketing methods for that matter) has undergone a re-brand and the driving force behind its ‘new look’ is clean data.

Yes, in the past direct marketing often received bad press for being irrelevant and unwanted but today, thanks to clean data it’s more powerful than ever before.

Benefits of clean data on direct marketing campaigns

Clean data can benefit brand’s direct marketing campaigns in a number of different ways. Firstly it can help to reduce their costs and maximise their return by ensuring that direct marketing materials are sent to the right people, rather than those who have passed away, moved house or no longer want to receive mailings.

Clean data also allows brands to effectively tailor their direct marketing campaigns to their customers’ needs. By learning more about their customers through the collection of clean data, brands are able to personalise their mailings with product recommendations and unique offers, encouraging customers to take action.

Not only has clean data minimised the costs of direct marketing and boosted its effectiveness but it has also helped to improve its reputation. Now direct marketing materials like direct mail are no longer thought of as junk mail but rather tailored mailings that have been perfectly crafted for the customer.

Other driving forces behind effective direct marketing campaigns

It’s not just clean data that has effectively transformed direct marketing in 2015 but also digital technologies like PURLs, augmented reality and near field communication (NFC) too. These technologies add an innovative edge to direct marketing materials, forming a seamless link between the off and online worlds.

Direct marketing has significantly changed over the last few years and definitely for the better. It is now one of the most effective ways of engaging with customers and that’s all down to clean data.

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Image Credit: Janne Kestaaks