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Business Express Mail Services – What to Expect

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Business express mail is a specialised mail delivery service which due to its nature is rapid. A customer will typically pay a premium for this service but expect tight delivery timescales to be met as a part of the service.

In this article we discuss business express mail services and what businesses can expect.

When you need it fast try Express Mail

There will be times for all businesses where express mail is needed. This could be because of an oversight and late planning or perhaps the delivery of time sensitive information. For businesses when they need it the sensible option is to buy business express mail services, which can apply to both domestic and international mail.

How Express is Business Express Mail?

Express business mail timescales would typically be:

  • Deliveries to UK Mainland – next day
  • Deliveries to UK (not mainland) – two or more days
  • Deliveries to Europe – three days
  • Deliveries worldwide – from five days, this depends on the country in question

The Benefits of Express Mail

Typical benefits you could expect to receive with business express mail services would include:

  • Guaranteed faster delivery timescales
  • Internet tracking is usually provided with express mail services
  • Reach your target audience at exactly the optimum time
  • The ability to respond to urgent and late requests

Outsourcing Express Mail

There is significant complexity in an express mail project. For most businesses it’s extremely difficult to deliver this requirement in-house and manage every other business activity. Therefore for the vast majority of businesses it makes sense to outsource their express mail to a mailing house who will be undertaking this work 24/7 and for a wide variety of clients.

Business Express Mail services with Baker Goodchild

Baker Goodchild has the latest in available technology and software to make your express mail projects flow as smoothly as possible.

Here at Baker Goodchild we can manage the entire project for you from printing the mail, to cleansing the address data and can work to urgent timescales that arise within your business. We understand what the word “Urgent” really means and our express mail service won’t leave you or your customers feeling let down or disappointed.

If you have a high number of items we can sort by postcode (mailsort) for you and offer bulk postage discount rates – even for an express service!

If you are looking for a reliable business partner for business express mail give us a call. We can deliver a service at the speed your business needs.

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