USB web keys integrated with direct mail infographic

USB Web Keys Integrated with Direct Mail

If you are looking for a way to make your direct mail campaign stand out to customers why not integrate it with USB web keys? Pre-loading USBs with exciting content is a great way to further engage your target audience and get them to complete that all-important call to action.

Here we’ll shared some of the benefits of integrating USB web keys with direct mail.


Unlike other forms of technology that you can integrate with direct mail campaigns, USB web keys have the benefit of being fairly inexpensive to manufacture. This makes them a great choice for small businesses developing direct mail campaigns on a tight budget.

Easy and convenient

Whilst you could simply provide prospects with a personalised URL to visit in your direct mail correspondence, you can’t be sure that they’re going to make the effort to type it into their web browser or even if they do, there’s a possibility of them getting it wrong.

The great thing about USB web keys is that they eliminate the need for consumers to type in a URL. Instead, consumers can simply plug the device into their computers and gain immediate access to your content. As there is relatively little effort required on the consumers’ part (and USB web keys are super intriguing) they are going to be more willing to view the additional content you have sent them.


Another benefit of USB web keys is that they make direct mail campaigns more interactive. The more you get prospects involved in the marketing experience, the more likely they are to engage with your brand and complete your call to action.

Track responses

Whilst direct mail campaigns can generate fantastic results, it has always been difficult for businesses to determine their response rate and ROI. However using technology like USB web keys, will allow you to track individual responses and get a better insight to your campaign’s success.

Compatible with all devices

Although there are many different technologies that you can integrate with your direct mail campaigns, you can’t be sure that everyone is going to understand them or even have the device / apps to make use of them. The great thing about USB web keys is that they are compatible with all devices, so you can be sure you are going to reach your audience, whether they are using a PC, laptop, notebook or Mac.

Continuous benefits

According to research from the British Promotional Merchandise Association (2012) 87% of people keep promotional items for longer than a year. The fact USB web keys are of use and value to consumers makes them much more likely to keep and re-use them for longer periods of time. Every time they use their USB web key they will be reminded of your direct mail campaign and will become more familiar with and trusting of your brand. Whilst TV and radio ads are over within a few seconds, direct mail and USB web keys are tangible and therefore able to provide continuous benefits to both the consumer and brand.


Whether you are looking to drive conversions on your website, raise awareness of your brand or improve customer loyalty, integrating USB web keys with your direct mail is the way to do it.

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