International postage facts and benefits infographic

International Postage Facts and Benefits

Did you know that on average, every person in the world posts 48 letters per year? We are also sending more parcels than ever before, with an international volume increase of 5.8% reported in 2013.

It's easy to take services like international post for granted but if they didn't exist, the world would struggle to function as it does. Here we've shared five benefits of international post and the opportunities it provides.

1) Employment benefits

Postal services are one of the world's biggest employers, creating jobs for over 5.4 million people worldwide. In addition to this, international postal services are also responsible for creating jobs in other industries like aviation, railways and stationery.

2) Economic benefits

International post is a major contributor to world economic activity. It gives businesses the opportunity to sell their products to customers all over the world. Even small, independent businesses have the opportunity to expand their customer bases, thanks to international postage.

3) Consumer choice benefits

Whereas in the past, consumers could only buy a limited range of products from their local shops, today they have access to products all over the world. Ecommerce and international post make an excellent pairing, as they provide consumers with the opportunity to buy all sorts of products from sellers in other countries and have them delivered to their doors.

4) Manufacturing benefits

Not every country is known for its quality manufacturing, which is why international postage is so important. Without it, countries would be left without many key necessities. International post gets goods and services where they need to be.

5) Cost benefits

Today many consumers choose to purchase products online and have them shipped to their home country as a way of saving money. Products such as clothing, perfume and medicine are often cheaper in the UK than other countries. By ordering them online and using an international postal service, consumers can save a significant amount of money and avoid paying over the odds for their necessities.


With so many benefits, it's easy to see why international mail and post is so integral to our lives. Without it the world wouldn't be anywhere near as connected as it is today and businesses wouldn't have the opportunity to reach a global audience with their products and services.

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