Direct mail combined with QR and PURL codes infographic

Direct Mail Combined with QR and PURL Codes

Are you looking for a way to improve results from your direct mail campaigns? Integrating them with QR codes and PURLs might be the solution you are looking for! Here we’ll explain what these technologies are and how they can benefit your direct mail campaigns.

What are QR codes and PURLs?

A QR code is a simple 2D barcode that is designed to give users extra content. When a user scans a QR code with their smartphone, it will automatically take them to a piece of online content, without them having to type in a web address.

Integrating QR codes with your direct mail campaigns will allow you to effectively connect the physical and digital worlds by taking prospects to your website, newsletter signup page, social media page, YouTube channel, and competition page or wherever you want them to go. You can even create QR codes that automatically dial a number so prospects can make an enquiry over the phone.

PURLs (personalised URLs) are webpages and microsites that have been tailored to an individual visitor. Basically they are linked to a database filled with information about site visitors, so they can greet them by their name and provide them with personalised recommendations and offers. An example of a PURL would look something like this ‘’

Integrating these technologies with direct mail campaigns can provide a whole host of benefits for both businesses and consumers, some of which we have outlined below:

Convenient for the customer

If you want prospects to read your direct mail correspondence and then visit your webpage, it will be much more beneficial to provide them with a QR code to scan than a URL to type in. Scanning a QR code is a quick and simple task, so people are much more likely to do it, giving you a better chance of driving conversions. QR codes are also much more convenient for those reading your direct mail on the go.

Eliminates URL mistakes

Using QR codes will also prevent your prospects from having to remember long URLs, so there will be no need to worry about typos and mistakes. Provide a QR code in your direct mail for users to scan and you can have the peace of mind that they will end up on the right webpage.

Improve direct mail response rates

PURLs can go a long way in helping you to increase your direct mail response rates . Providing prospects with personalised content that is tailored to their preferences will encourage them to buy your products, sign up to your services or download your whitepaper (depending on your call to action).

Easy to measure responses

PURLs also prevent you from having to go on guesswork when it comes to evaluating your direct mail campaign’s effectiveness. By using PURLs you will be able to track individual users’ actions and behaviour and determine your campaign’s return on investment.


Want your company to be seen as being at the forefront of technology? Bring your direct mail campaigns into the twenty first century by integrating them with QR codes and PURLs.

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