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Bulk International Mail Infographic

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Bakergoodchild has been a print, mail and postage specialist since 1995, being listed as one of the UK’s leading Mailing Houses. Many are familiar with postage procedures when it comes to sending items throughout the UK, but there are many different things to consider when it comes to sending international mail.

This includes delivery times, delivery costs, which countries are open to direct mail and which are a little more cautious. We have put together this comprehensive international mail page, which includes information about many of the countries that we offer international mail services to, as well as products that we can help you to mail internationally.

International mail services around the world

If you have the need to send mail internationally, whether this is for personal reasons or for business purposes, then bakergoodchild can help. The world is split into four mailing zones; UK, Europe, World Zone 1, and World Zone 2. Below we have listed out information on 12 different countries that we offer international mail services to across the three zones aside from the UK.

You can use our international mailing services to reach any corner of the globe


First we will cover some of the countries that we offer international mail services to in Europe. Sending international mail to Europe will be subject to the following delivery times:

  • International economy mail service – can take up to two weeks
  • International standard mail service – takes between three and five working days
  • International tracked mail service – takes between three and five working days
  • International signed for mail service – takes between three and five working days

Prices will vary, and you can receive a more tailored quotation from us here.

International mail services to France

France is a popular country to send international mail to. It has strong links to EU countries, a large population of 67 million, and has many major cities such as Nice, Paris and Lyon. La Poste operates the French postal service, which has 17,000+ Post Offices.

Alongside this, it has a large community of ex-pats, a strong trading relationship with the wider world, and the French mailing system is efficient and quick to deliver. For these reasons, France is a country that many businesses take advantage of for international mail campaigns.

International mail services to Germany

Germany is another country that many businesses want to take advantage of when it comes to international mail services. Although it has suffered some economic setbacks in recent years, it still remains as Europe’s largest industrialised economy.

Similarly to Canada, the German government has tightened e-mail spam, leading to increased direct mail marketing in Germany. Deutsche Post DHL manages the German post, which has seen a slower rate in mail decline compared to other developed countries.

It has strong economic links with all of the major trading partners around the globe, speaks English as a main language, and has a highly efficient mail service that sees 95% of all letters being delivered in just one day.

As with France, Germany is a desirable country for companies wishing to launch an international mail campaign.

International mail services to Ireland

Northern Ireland remains part of the UK zone, while the Republic of Ireland falls into international mail services territory. In 2016, it was Europe’s fastest growing economy, and while it has a small population, many businesses seek to push on with international direct mail campaigns in this country.

Operated by An Post, the Irish Post employs 10,000+ personnel; domestic mail volumes have declined 2.9% p.a. in recent years, but Irish international mail markets are buoyant.

This is because Ireland enjoys open markets, a growing economy, and efficient regulatory controls. Ireland heavily favours direct mail, with the government itself making huge use of it. Addressed direct mail is the most common form of mail in Ireland, and is something you and your business can take advantage of.

Many of the countries in the World Zones respond well to receiving direct mail

International mail services to Spain

While Spain doesn’t enjoy as strong economic growth as France or Germany, it is still a country worth exploring when looking into launching an international mail campaign. This is thanks to its 46 million large population, an economy that is growing, albeit slowly, and an improving mail system. Over 800,000 UK expatriates have moved to Spain for the Mediterranean lifestyle.

That being said, it must be noted that the Spanish postal system, titled Los Correos, isn’t always regarded as the most efficient and reliable service around. However, a recent survey showed a 31% increase in mail order / internet retail revenue amongst Spanish businesses. As a Mailing House, bakergoodchild have experience with launching mail campaigns in Spain, so will always ensure that your campaign has the success that you are after.

International mail services to Italy

Italy has a huge population of 60 million and English listed as the main foreign language, meaning Italy is one country that many businesses commonly want to launch international mail campaigns to.

The Italian postal service is known for not being as reliable when compared to many of its European counterparts, it is still an important service for the citizens in this country, and you can be sure that a direct mail campaign will have the impact that you desire.

International mail services to Poland

Poland runs a modern and efficient postal service with almost two billion deliveries made each year, making Poland an easy country to launch an international mail service campaign within. Poczta Polska is government owned and manages the postal service and 8,300+ Post Offices across Poland. Direct mail is popular in Poland with 70%+ of business stating they use the marketing method.

While it has a small population of less than 39 million, it has a growing economy, Poland has a strong cultural link to the UK due to the recent large number of Polish migrants settling in the UK.

English is held as the main foreign language, and direct mail is a widely used form of marketing throughout the country, so bakergoodchild are on hand to help you make use of this.

World Zone 1

World Zone 1 generally covers any of the countries in the Americas, Africa, the Middle East, Far East, and South East Asia. If launching an international mail campaign here, you can expect the following delivery times:

  • International economy mail service – can take between eight and twelve weeks
  • International standard mail service – can take between five and seven working days
  • International signed mail service – can take between five and seven working days
  • International tracked mail service – can take between five and seven working days

Please note that these delivery times can vary between countries in World Zone 1, as can the costs, so we recommend getting a more exact quote from us here.

The delivery times of international mail varies between the different World Zones

International mail services to the USA

The USA is a huge country with 155+ million postal points; the postal service USPS employs 493,000 people! It is no surprise that the USA is, and most likely always will be, a massive business opportunity for companies within the UK. Despite the difference in size between the two, the UK is the seventh largest trading partner of the USA. As the largest economy in the world, it is a country that many businesses look to gain access to through international mail.

English is the common language in the USA, they operate an “open market” policy, and 47% of the world’s mail volume alone happens within the USA. This makes it one of the most desirable countries in the world to launch a direct mail campaign in.

International mail services to Brazil

Brazil has one of the largest economies in the world, and with a population of over 200 million, it is a country worth tapping into when looking into reaching potential customers through direct mail.

74% of Brazilian citizens say that they like receiving direct mail, making this a great country for any business wanting to expand their marketing campaign worldwide.

International mail services to China

China poses as the big competition to the US when it comes to having the largest economy in the world, and many believe it will achieve this coveted status by 2026. With 1.357 billion citizens, it stands as a country that can boost your business to new heights if you can get a foothold there.

The state owned China Post is huge with 82,000+ Post Offices and 860,000 personnel. The Chinese postal system currently delivers over seven billion letters each year, so there is absolutely no reason that your direct mail campaign cannot be a part of this.

International mail services to India

As with China above, India is a huge country that an international mail campaign can have a lot of success in. With 1.252 billion people living there, and as the sixth largest economy in the world, there is a huge market to tap into here. With 155,000+ Post Offices and 460,000+ related postal employees the Indian postal service is amongst the largest in the world.

There are not currently any restrictions in India when it comes to direct mail, and so let bakergoodchild help you to expand your business into new markets.

International mail services to Canada

Canada is another country with a huge economy. Alongside a strong economy, they also have strong economic principles that make it a country open to trading and marketing, making Canada a great country for sending direct mail to. Research shows 35% of Canadians are likely to keep catalogues for at least one month.

They have looked to reduce the amount of spam texts and emails that citizens receive recently, meaning that direct mail has become a more widely used form of marketing.

World Zone 2

The final zone is World Zone 2, which includes the countries listed here. The delivery times, as with World Zone 1, will vary, but they are roughly as follows:

  • International economy mail service – takes around twelve weeks
  • International standard mail service – takes between five and seven days
  • International tracked mail service – takes between five and seven days
  • International signed mail service – takes between five and seven days

As with the above two zones, get in contact with bakergoodchild for more specific delivery and price estimates.

International mail services to Australia

Even though Australia is round the other side of the world, delivery times don’t take any longer, meaning it is still a great country to conduct an international mail campaign within. Despite being a relatively small country, they still have the 12th largest economy in the world. Recent trends are encouraging with a 9% increase in the volume of international mail being recorded.

Alongside this, there are many language and ancestral links between Australia and the UK, so it is an easy place to launch a direct mail campaign.


International products services around the world

Listed above is just an example of the many corners of the globe that we can reach, the delivery times and what to expect with that country’s economy. As well as having strong relationships with delivery partners in these countries, we can also help with delivering a range of products internationally. We have explained this in greater detail below.

A number of bulk international mail articles have been written recently by bakergoodchild. Nine of these are about specific products, which are summarised below including a link to the article where more detail can be found:

We can help to personalise your international direct mail

International political mailing

Whether it is party manifestos, newsletters or other election promotional materials, we can help with any political campaign that you may be looking to run internationally through international political mailing.

International directories mailing

There are many types of directories that businesses use, including businesses directories, import and export directories, phone directories, and more. If you want help with your international directories mailing, then bakergoodchild is the answer.

International catalogues mailing

As with directories, there are many different types of catalogues, such as parts catalogues, mail order catalogues and trade catalogues. Getting your catalogues out onto the international stage can be a great way to expand your business into new markets.

International annual and interim accounts mailing

Annual and interim account reports are sensitive documents, and bakergoodchild can help to get them around the globe securely and safely through our international annual and interim accounts mailing service.

International invoicing and statements mailing

As with the above, invoices and statements are also crucial and sensitive documents. Using our international invoicing and statements mailing service can be a great way of getting these documents around the globe, ensuring that your all-important invoices are paid swiftly and on time.

International business report mailing

One other sensitive type of business document that many businesses need to send internationally is business reports. As with the above two, we can ensure these documents are delivered securely and on time.

It is easy to get international mail out around the world with a well-connected system of postal offices and post boxes

International university prospectus mailing

International students form an important part of the UK’s education system, and it is crucial to carry on attracting these students from around the world. An international university prospectus mailing service can be an efficient way of reaching students while delivering an impact at the same time.

International business postcards mailing

Business postcards can be a great way to add a personal touch to potential customers, especially if trying to get a foothold into a new market in another country. Using an international business postcards mailing service can help your business to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

What other services do bakergoodchild offer?

As well as international mailing services, bakergoodchild can also help with planning a mailing campaign, printing your items, packaging them and adding a personal touch. If any of the above services have interested you, please get in contact with us here.

Whichever country or whichever product type you want bakergoodchild are here and can meet any bulk international mail project requirement. Call us today on 0800 612 1972 to discuss your needs and plan your next campaign.

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