Black Friday looks to b e very promising for retailers in 2017

Black Friday 2017 Direct Mail Marketing

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What is Black Friday?

Black Friday originates from the US and is the day after Thanksgiving, which means Black Friday is always the last/fourth Friday of November.  The popularity of Black Friday has since spread though and this event is now the largest shopping day worldwide.

Although Christmas shopping tends to start months before, Black Friday is seen as a gear shift change by retailers, the real start of the Christmas shopping season. Backed initially by American retailers in the UK Amazon and Walmart (through Asda) the annual shopping extravaganza looks like it is here to stay.

Black Friday 2017

In 2017, Black Friday is on Friday 24th November. There is also Cyber Monday on 27th November, which is both a day for techie/gadget sales and is also used as a major day for online sales.

For many retailers, the whole of the period commencing Monday 20th November through to Cyber Monday on 27th will be a potential targeted sales period with may choosing to have discounted products across the entire period. Amongst retailers that do this, there are also daily specials, which encourage shoppers (both retail and online) to visit daily for the latest offers.

Statistics for Black Friday in the UK

Here are some statistics for Black Friday in 2016:

An October 2017 survey from McKinsey showed the following statistics for UK consumer sentiment towards Black Friday:

  • 81% of UK consumers said they intend to shop (online or retail) on Black Friday
  • 37% admit they have grown to like Black Friday
  • 31% intend to buy on Black Friday both instore as well as online

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Black Friday direct mail support from bakergoodchild

We are a specialist mailing house here at bakergoodchild and can manage your entire Black Friday direct mail campaign from start to finish with you, including:

  • Print – we can print anything that is needed for your campaign; this could include envelopes, flyers, catalogues, promotional leaflets, coupon/vouchers and much more! Also using variable data printing techniques and data analysis we could vary the text within printed materials to produce personalised mail relevant to your customer’s preferences and past buying habits
  • Direct mail – as experienced campaigners we can craft the perfect direct mail campaign for you and include a variety of techniques to encourage recipients to respond. Speak to our team today and a hand-crafted campaign can be quickly created
  • Postage – enjoy great postal rates for your campaign with our specially negotiated postage deals, which will cost you far less than Royal Mail

Why outsource any of print, direct mail and postage anywhere else when bakergoodchild can supply this all under one roof? These services are available 365 days per year and not just on Black Friday!

Contacting bakergoodchild

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Even if you have left your campaign late (we know how events like this creep up on us), contact us, we may still be able to help.

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