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bakergoodchild to present at the B2B Marketing Expo in London

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bakergoodchild are an established specialist in print, mail fulfilment and postage services and have over a decades’ worth of experience in helping businesses across the UK deliver their high-volume print and mail. The company has experienced exciting growth over the last 4-5 years, using the latest technology and innovating to deliver amazing print quality and quicker speeds at affordable prices. In today’s world, you can seamlessly connect your direct mail item to any form of digital content, made possible by the huge percentage of people now using smart devices.

With the industry evolving quickly and businesses looking for a way to stand out in a crowd, Adam Stafford from bakergoodchild will be taking to the stage to present ‘How to get physical in a virtual world’ on the 27th March at 3:30pm, B2B Expo London Excel center. This is a seminar that is a ‘must see’, as even though print and mail is still delivering outstanding results, a lot of businesses are missing out due to the lack of education on best practice and integrating direct mail into a diverse communication strategy. Adam has been part of the industry for over 15 years and has helped large enterprises and SMEs to improve the way they manage print, mail fulfilment and postage.


Adam Stafford – Sales Director

Direct Mail: Get physical in a virtual world.

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Working closely with the Independent Print Industries Association (IPIA) and the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), the aim is to help grow awareness for physical direct marketing and help to educate the new generation of marketing managers on best practice. Marian Stefani CEO of the IPIA comments on the power of print today for brand communication “Many marketeers choose the digital channel by default as they consider print to be expensive and hard to track. With strong developments in print process and delivery this is no longer the case and we need to raise awareness that integration across all media will give a better ROI and make marketing more effective. Marketeers need to consider this multi-channel approach at the start of their strategy planning, developing content and messaging that is consistent and targeted in a joined-up way. By working with companies like BG they have access to the best advice and will see how print can really improve response rate..”

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As well as how to get the best results using print and mail, there is a key requirement to push environmental responsibility. This is a key initiative for bakergoodchild and a huge part of this has been the introduction of a potato starch-based poly wrap. The team at bakergoodchild has already converted more than 60% of its customers to use the 100% biodegradable poly wrap and is determined to completely eliminate the use of single use plastic.  Adam Stafford comments “Our values focus on providing a service that makes a difference in improving customer experience and exploring initiatives that help create awareness. In line with this, we have introduced a potato starch-based poly wrap, which is 100% biodegradable. There is still a lot of mis-information around ‘degradable and/or recyclable’ plastic poly wrap alternatives out there. As a brand we are fully behind improving the environment and are working with partners and customers to achieve various goals, which has resulted in a good uptake in using the potato starch-based poly wrap.”

Content is, without doubt, king in marketing and printed mail can literally deliver your brand right into your customer’s hands. A physical brand experience that will be remembered far longer than any digital alternative and will help to drive more traffic to your website. If you look at the statistics, direct mail tends to stick around for 28 days after it lands and is revisited at least 27% of the time. (ref: DMA) This without any doubt is effective for B2B and B2C businesses, whatever sector or industry you are in.

The team at bakergoodchild help all types of businesses send out their direct mail or business mail across the UK and the world. The team will be at the B2B Expo exhibiting on stand 1730, where you can sit down and discuss campaigns and gain key insights into print, mail and postage.

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Having recently purchased the state of the Xerox Iridesse™ digital press, bakergoodchild will have on show the latest in printed direct mail collateral. The examples will demonstrate just what the Xerox Iridesse™ can deliver, helping to add that certain sparkle to campaign material. Being the first company in the West Midlands to have purchased the new Xerox Iridesse™, the company are eager to show off its talents and demonstrate the full potential of its print capabilities.

This year’s B2B Marketing Expo event will be held at the Excel centre in London’s Docklands on the 27th-28th March. Every year the event sees thousands of Europe’s most proactive marketing and sales professionals descend on the venue, all eager to hear and discover the latest tips, techniques, innovations and strategies that they need to help and transform themselves, and their respective companies, into the biggest names within their sectors.

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