bakergoodchild backs Aiden Lee to deliver

In by Gunvinder Bhogal

bakergoodchild supports Aiden Lee as he prepares for a huge event at Cage Warriors mixed martial arts (MMA) event in Birmingham, at the ‘Genting Arena’ on Saturday 20th October. Not only a supreme MMA fighter, Aiden is a great personality to be around and passionate about health development. From a very young age his father supported him in taking sports seriously and helped him to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Speaking to Aiden about keeping healthy, he suggests “eating sensibly and exercising at least 3 times a week can start showing you real health benefits within a few months, but you need to keep going. Not only will you feel better and more energetic, but it helps your bodies overall defenses.”

Aiden is currently focused on his training for the match on the 20th October, but when he has time, he loves running training classes at his local gym, Renegade. Giving back is important to Aiden, as he feels training has given him good discipline, patience and a positive outlook on life. He is goal orientated and constantly sets himself targets throughout the year. This has helped him achieve success in his chosen sport and now he is setting his sights on competing at the pinnacle of the sport, the UFC, next year.

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So what part of Aiden’s daily diet does he feel is most important for him? “As well as gaining protein from foods, I have always found that a mixed berry smoothie in the morning really helps me to set my day up. Not only do I get a juice full of body loving vitamins, but it provides me with the energy required to attack morning training sessions in the best state”.

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We are backing Aiden to deliver a win in his fight on the 20th October and achieve his ambition to reach the UFC. We will be there supporting him through his journey and bringing you future health development tips, including further insights to how direct mail can play an important role in promoting successful events worldwide.

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