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3 trends for the Christmas retail period

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Christmas is just around the corner meaning retailers will be pulling out all of the stops to attract customers to buy their products and services.

But what makes for a successful strategy over the Christmas period and how can brands win customers from their competitors? Here we’ve outlined 3 trends that we believe brands will be using to achieve success throughout the Christmas retail period.

Increased Focus on Mobile Shopping Experience

In the past consumers have been put off shopping online using their smartphones due to slow connectivity speeds, however with the arrival of 4G earlier this year, it is expected that more people will be using their mobile devices to shop online than ever before.

This is great news for retailers that have invested in a mobile website, responsive web design or mobile app this year. It’s also good news for marketers that use mobile technologies such as QR codes and NFC in their direct mail campaigns as they are likely to see increased conversions over the festive period.

Brands Trialling Shoppable Content

This Christmas more and more brands will be trialling shoppable content. This is a marketing technique that involves creating engaging content that consumers can directly purchase products from. For example supermarkets could create recipes with shoppable content, allowing customers to buy the ingredients they need straight from articles or blog posts.

Shoppable content could also be integrated into more traditional marketing materials like direct mail , using technologies like augmented reality and QR codes.

If shoppable content is a hit with customers this Christmas, it’s likely we’ll see more and more brands experimenting with it in 2015.

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Integration of the Physical and Digital Worlds

With consumers continuing to shop across several channels, this Christmas brands will really need to focus on integrating the physical and digital shopping worlds.

For example including QR codes in catalogues so customers can shop online rather than placing orders over the phone and using NFC in direct mail to encourage prospects to buy Christmas gifts from your website.

Many brands will also be using the technologies outlined above in-store this Christmas. Integrating the physical and digital worlds will allow customers to easily locate and buy products that may be out of stock in-store but available online or find out more information about products without having to wait in line to speak to a busy sales representative.


It will be interesting to see which brands come out on top after the busy Christmas period (not forgetting those all-important Boxing Day sales) but if one thing is for sure, it’s bound to be the brands thinking outside of the box and using the three trends above to their advantage.

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