2016 Data Detox

2016 – Perfect Time for a Data Detox

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We’re well into 2016 and perhaps some New Year’s resolutions have already escaped our intentions. Whatever you do make 2016 a year to cleanse your data once and for all with a data detox project.

What is a Data Detox?

Data is constantly changing, even with the best processes data will begin to degrade and become obsolete and redundant. A data detox project aims to clear business data of a range of issues which will have developed over the months/years since the last data cleansing exercise.

A data detox occurs when data issues haven’t been addressed for a substantial period of time, whereas data cleansing is when data errors are fixed as part of a regular ongoing discipline with the organisation.

A data detox is part of the natural data management lifecycle. Areas to detox could include:

  • Duplicate records removal – Remove duplicate records, e.g. due to a house move or change of surname due to marriage, etc.
  • Error removal – Issues such as grammar, spelling errors etc. removed
  • Record verification – Data records can be verified through an external source (e.g. Royal Mail PAF Postcode checker)

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Years of Neglect – Fix Your Data in 2016

No matter how long the issue of data has been neglected the issue can be quickly addressed through a data detox. In fact the worse the data situation the higher the return will be (as more data issues will be fixed). The advice for any organisation is not to ignore the issue and instead to complete a data detox/cleansing program and ensure this is repeated as a regular ongoing exercise. Why not start a data detox in 2016?

Data Detox Effects on Direct Mail Campaign

It’s not credible to have a direct mail campaign without having cleansed the data beforehand. Here are just some of the effects that cleansing data will have upon a direct mail campaign:

  • Increased ROI and campaign profitability (e.g. no waste, no goneaways)
  • Increased customer satisfaction (e.g. less duplication, no mails to deceased people)
  • Increased response rates (by virtue of the fact there is less mail sent out response rates will increase)
  • Legal compliance (e.g. to Data Protection Act)

How Baker Goodchild can help

If your organisation is in need of a data detox and advice about how to cleanse your data give us a call at Baker Goodchild on 0800 612 1972, this is one New Year resolution you can stick to! For further information on this topic you can also read our related Infographic: Cleaning up your act & your data: Essential Guide to Clean Data.

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