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Mailshots are still a top marketing strategy

Since the introduction of the World Wide Web and email becoming a favoured form of communication, it was thought that the old-fashioned sales strategy of using mailshots was dead and buried. However, with 56% of consumers reporting that they find print marketing to be more trustworthy than any other marketing strategy,  including email campaigns, mail shots could hold the key to your marketing success. There are of course good and bad mailshots and creating something that has the desired impact does require careful skill and consideration, after all, you have only seconds to win your audience's attention.

How to create the perfect mailshot

When designing a mailshot, there are some key marketing rules to follow in order to make the campaign as successful as possible, including:
Originality - Be different and stand out from the crowd.
Personalisation - Give consumers the impression you are communicating directly with them and nobody else.
USP - Give your consumers a reason to open or look inside your mailshot.
Size - Make sure you don't go too big or too small, you want your mail to be readable and to fit through your consumers doors.
Competitors - Never mention your competitors, it is both unprofessional but also risky as you're prompting consumers to find them.
Address labels - Make sure you have at least a consumer's title and surname, 'dear Sir or Madame' is impersonal and getting a name wrong is even worse.
Text - Keep text short, punchy and to the point, nobody wants to have to read a large amount of text.

Getting a consumer’s attention and keeping it

With as many as 75% of consumers reporting that they enjoy receiving special offers in the mail, it is crucial to ensure that your mailshot entices the consumer's interest. Your mail should offer consumers an ideal solution to their problem, be of benefit to them or give them an offer that they simply can't refuse. To do this you need to understand your market and ensure you're targeting the right audience to avoid a costly ineffective campaign.
Once you have their attention, you need to keep it and entice the customer to follow through on your mailshot. Use positive and subliminal messages such as 'when you contact is' rather than 'if' and use bold and clear fonts to detail how the consumer can contact you to take advantage of your offer. Whether you give a phone number, website address or even a QR code, give them a choice of options for contacting you to guarantee a sale.
Direct mail is far from dead and can offer you a great return on your investment, so get those mailshots designed and out the door today! 

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